Spherical lenses

The basis was a ball

Symmetrical spherical segments for universal use

One of the leading manufacturers of precision spheres

Spherical lenses


Spheres can be considered the traditional lenses for focusing, collecting or scattering light. At least one of their two sides is the surface section of a ball; These lenses are constructed a little “simpler” than the aspheres.

They are also used with an achromatic function in certain lens systems with a special arrangement of the spheres. These achromats that combine 2 or more lenses counter the effect of the spherical or chromatic aberration.


Production sizes:

  • < 0,5 mm - 100 mm

Input materials conventionally made spheres:

  • All optical glasses
  • Quartz
  • Silicon
  • CaF2 (calcium florid)
  • Metal
  • Germanium


Input materials blank moulded spheres:

  • Liba 2000 +
  • F2
  • Borosilicate


  • Sensors
  • LED technology
  • Projectors
  • Binoculars
  • Ophtalmoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • etc.

Use of our spherical lenses in modern cinema projektion


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